Feb 26, 2011

Charge yourself the right power


Come on say....


Feb 25, 2011

KL の day ♥

Okay come to the most important thing in my wish list for 2011--Beijing Trip treat for parents
Within few days i touched down KL, made inquiry calls  for quite some travel agencies, compare them then went down personally to asked for detail & booking. Alla did it, alla did treat papa&mama travel, and it was done even b4 CNY. --Alla is effing efficient ohyea. *Clap clap*
So now alla is happie n broke

Jln Impi gathered quite alots travel agencies n some of them r trustable frm wat i know.
Such as Chan Brothers, AD Travels, Sunrise Tours etc.    
So thr's advisable if u oso look'n for tour packages. Fyi, MATA fair is helding on mid MARCH.

Mama brought this frm next door 我来也 Also this is a must eat every CNY la
Btw, it taste differently frm last time. Hmm..may b the uncle who bbq the bak gua last time retired ady.

The famous of Jln Imbi, not only tong sui--记得吃, but this♥
Ngau ho--大树头牛河, its a stalls beside the big three that next to e car park.
evibd know this, if you duno, must go n try out bcuz it's super duper yummy until plate licking good.

This ma gor,okay he forced me to eat this b4 we go as he said MUSTEAT.
Taste excellent he didnt cheat, but it caused alla belate for e gathering at jln ipoh.

Chilled wit ma sisters, and ofcuz KOK Terence MrGoat Dailo
@Uma Rani, Jln Ipoh Batu 3.5
It's mamak stall like Steven Corner
they offer lots of choices include pulut mayam & ice-cream goreng 

Aft this, we went to librabry@ The Curve to chill again. Sisters hav endless topic to chat hah.

I also had dinner another night with MengHoi Oxx them
At this restaurant named lou goung, not hubby is old harbour kay
We waited food to serve for an hr til we fed up and actually complaint to e staff
n we found out they forgot our order. Zadou to e max =.="
 However, sumth attracted our eye....

 Woooaah...sport car team parking infornt of this restaurant

Cool~ wish i could hav one
Then Alla wil fetch ma fren and speeding by the beach...Ohooohhoo cant help of it.

Feb 24, 2011





“该矀lo 肥咗咁多”


见咗药材店阿福 萍萍个阿妈 茶果档安媞

同埋好多街坊 有滴都唔认出阿拉咯

大家都仲系one piece --即系好好

Nah, 阿拉都话M'sia既大包好大只喇, 弚下!!

Sg既大包有几大? 咪好癡我地既叉烧包咁大咯。

咁你又要问,Sg既叉烧包有几大? 咪好癡酒楼D流沙包咯, 到喉唔到肺,D晒屎M'sia都好难揾。

听讲CNY之后RM都系难逃一劫,D嘢邦邦声起价。 阴公='(

整年没陪过两老 下午去咗The Gardens 同埋MV


Tea break叫咗老友鬼鬼 未吃过咁干净既油炸鬼

老毛叫咗Nyonya Curry,




D姨妈姑姐 表堂弟妹 叔伯兄弟 O尿弹到既都齐晒


吃得开心 玩得尽兴 好姊姊黑眼圈同好妹妹暗疮都黎玩埋一份



Day 1 in KL

Lots of KL frens come over S'pore this week just for Momo Joanne birthday blast
Well thinking of alla shud tel how nice can a KL fren do,
ok la alla just want to share ma story in KL during/before CNY.

Preface story:
Alla booked rtn airaisa tix to KL for SGD47.
It's departure 7.40a.m. so i got to chk-in by 6.40a.m.
Guess i had hangover the last night company D&D sao gong zao
Alla nvr awared of alarm rang until 7a.m.
Without washing the cat-like face, i grab a cab and off speeding over to airport
gona tks to the cab driver he speeding for me unfortunately sent me to the wrg terminal LMAO
Ran to chk-in counter, reach T3 @7.40a.m and so i missed the flight ofcuz
The customer svc officer suckss
she told me they hell charging alla another SGD230++ for the next flg impolitely plus shaking her legs
End up yes la alla top up for next flight departure @8.55a.m. just bcuz im too upset to move to city again n take bus home. 
The hell most exp air-ticket alla brought frm the most obnoxious counter staff ever. She is approriate to funeral industry or serve blind man cuz they dont mind to bear her deadful face.

Besides that, everythings abt airasia is good.

Main story, in e Morning:
Once touched down LCCT and saw Baby Xiyi came to pick alla, all bad feeling gone
Her auntie get shocked cuz Xiyi unusually wake up much earlier and it's bcuz of alla.
Ohh love u much mua.
Then we went to have Kajang famous satay, it's still taste the same oh alla likey,
While eating, Xiyi told alla the story of the boss on wheelchair, who used to b a ballet coach.
She (the boss) is kind of special person, feel free to go thr (wil update e add soon) for satay and visit her,
She definately will giv u more satay sauces, their sign.

While waiting for satay shop to open, we went to a famous kopitiam in Kajang.
Their sign is, rich kopi and mad tauke (boss). He is a real mad Hainanese, same as alla.

Cutie Xiyi, she went Aussie aft this,
 i'll definately miss her badly:

Aft that we went to Midvalley, The Gardens, things thr like nvr change huh
Padini and Vincci stil having endless big sales, just more lanterns for CNY, boring.
Y dont get some muscle guys with wearing just panty thr so peps wil buy even no sales going.

Main story, in e Night:

Fun chattime wit Chong Hwa roomates at The Gardens, PengLai Restaurant 蓬莱阁台湾菜
It's opposite to flying chilies, the dishes is so so but taste originally tw style.

Fried rice, Oyster mee shua 大肠粥 卤肉饭 地瓜球

Aft that we went to Zouk and chilled again. Hah
We saw an old fren working in Zouk and we've got FOC pineapple rum YAY.

That's so good to stay with who you love.
We called it a day.
Good night alla going to meet those KL frens again.

forget bout assignment tonite

Feb 23, 2011

On M.C.

More n more people say that we look alike, do we?
Alla hav no idea which part of her face look like alla duh...But she is cute, ma lil evil nephew
She only hugs alla or kisses alla when she want ma food

Anyway alla had live last Sunday to e fullest haha..in Southern-Singapore
In e morn, went to Sentosa with Baby Racheal and sista,
 At noon, went to Watami Restaurant@ Clarle Quay,
it's the 1st time went to CQ at noon,
but blive it anot ma frens who lunch with alla said dey nvr even been to QC for years while they're work'n and stay'n in S'pore for more than 3yrs, what a joke, ashame LOL.
At nite, we went to Chinatown by walking, we walked thr fr CQ man
Hav good dining time wit ex-colleagues at nite.
Althou ma leg cacat
The view is nice

And the staff is nice rarely found such great customer svc in S'pore
Big claps for them

fyi, this is a Japanese Restaurant named WATAMI at The Central Mall
v spent SGD69 for 3 of us and this price is even comparable with Sakae Sushi
they doing good biz whic h ithink and expanding in everywhr now even available at Bishan Junction 8
Who dun love choclate??

Alla love chocs since alla was young, so young
Open the fridge and look for choc and HL milk eviday eviday when  alla come back fr skul
That's ma daily sign action when alla was young. Alla even named maself Coolchoz when registered anything online. Then i realised ma bro named Coollemon, so we're a cool family LOL.
Just sharing with u gals,
"chocs cure menstrual pain effectively".

Have a good day


Feb 21, 2011

Pahlawan Beach

Went to Pahlawan Beach @ Sentosa yesterday,
Had fun with Baby Racheal and ma sista,
Love e beach so much... miss ma dad now cuz he use to brg alla to PD

Somehow sentosa trip made alla late for e lunch date with classmate,
so my calssmate woo alla to pay for the bill.
and end up yes alla paid for it. Grrrr poor girl T.T
Aft the satifying lunch treat,
We took for a walk along Singapore River across Clarke Quay alltheway to Chinatown thru Boat Quay,
end of e day ma leg almost cacat Duhhh

Then had dinner at Chinatown to meet with ma beloved ex-colleagues
Alla just love to stay witf them no matter at workor chilling
Erm, alla mean alla love ma current colleagues as well as the ex kay. LOL...
In e late night alla went home earlier not joining them for pool session
cuz ma leg just cant stand walking anymore.

-End- i know it doesnt semms like =)

Feb 15, 2011


恭喜发财兔飞猛进步步高升赚到你兔!!“屎”前煲书@Library Bishan
同埋show 下新geh心理变态发型(中间分届)




真系惨 人仔又白费心机


仲有两三日 阿萍加油!