Feb 21, 2011

Pahlawan Beach

Went to Pahlawan Beach @ Sentosa yesterday,
Had fun with Baby Racheal and ma sista,
Love e beach so much... miss ma dad now cuz he use to brg alla to PD

Somehow sentosa trip made alla late for e lunch date with classmate,
so my calssmate woo alla to pay for the bill.
and end up yes alla paid for it. Grrrr poor girl T.T
Aft the satifying lunch treat,
We took for a walk along Singapore River across Clarke Quay alltheway to Chinatown thru Boat Quay,
end of e day ma leg almost cacat Duhhh

Then had dinner at Chinatown to meet with ma beloved ex-colleagues
Alla just love to stay witf them no matter at workor chilling
Erm, alla mean alla love ma current colleagues as well as the ex kay. LOL...
In e late night alla went home earlier not joining them for pool session
cuz ma leg just cant stand walking anymore.

-End- i know it doesnt semms like =)

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