Jun 1, 2012

YES Person

Run out of time for no good reason or no reason?
Busy yet agenda nvr finished?
Kinda stress out ryte we from the hell of city.

idk not manage time well or say spend time on wrong things.
Like cannot missed anything in life always YES to every invite and task.
Without conscious or we thought we used to it until PARADIGM SHIFT!!
Mine was trigger by a row of awakends from nightmare in the midnight.
Alla may not be a workholic but somehow the rushing hour lifestyle big spoiler.
Everyone wish they have 48 hours in a day!

Until Alla found the missing pieces in my puzzle in the National Congress 2012.
So i think Time=Money, hence No Time=No Money, so [Busy=Broke]
What say u? To me it makes sense actually.
We are all smart yet able to grow smarter, so no more running rats yea

It was so crowded in the congress about 3k participants. This is mind opener, will blog abt it soon!! 

May 20, 2012

Fast Pace Lifestyle

Time flies!! It's May now, oh wait a minute! Alla still has a long to-do-list for the year, ahh...Alla must manage time wisely to compete it! Well atleast a few main tasks have already crossed off frm bucket list, such as KL new house.
Thks for the help of family, so glad that it happened this fast on March, moving into the new hse soon a few months later once we settle down all the housing legal probs cuz the developer disappeared before they issued legal strata title,
so...althou we have paid for it but doesn't mean that we own the property, and then have to go thru lawyer and govt, we all know what will happened when M'sia govt involved, yes longer processing time, not to mention the tedious process we have to go thru. 
HOWEVER, Alla think that Alla is the lucky one, we family like the new house very much, not very big but well renovated, good location and better environment, most importantly the desperate seller willing to let go at good price. I'm sure we will love the new house.

While everyday busy for nothing, trying to do something for myself, like the night before, Alla was so annoyed by the office atmosphere hence a fren bought Alla to Changi Beach at east coast, we were just beside the airport runway, flights landing over Alla's head, the soothing sea sounds and engines noise eased anxious. The flying overhead are quite close, took a pic but all dark thou. Well it should look like this...
What a luxury peaceful moment in city. Just that Alla nvr wave hand to the plane like this..lol

Besides that, enjoy foods also the best way out from everyday tiring work =)
Went to try out this newly open Japanese Curry in Somerset.Choose ur spicy level, rice portion, add cheese or kimchi etc, very customizable, fun ordering.
It's quite different from my previous japanese curry experience, worth trying.

Coco Ichibanya Curry House

313 Somerset Mall, #B3-25
Tel: (+65)6636 7280

Apr 11, 2012

Good Friday

Thks God it's Good Friday, was indulging myself in Hot Yoga,
Feelin so great sweat all over and destressed the body.
Aft that went Uniqlo, which havin opening sales,
Shop happily bought lots of practical office wear & basic wear,
Color T-shirts for family too =D
While getting ready to meet fren for dinner,
Evil sista last min offer Alla a treat at Overseas Chinese Restaurant 海外天酒家,
tog with her biz partners to discuss what to do with their new shop in Kovan,
more to a casual dinner, babe Rachel come along.
Seduce Alla with KL food wtf!! Alla must go lol.
My fren so understanding nvr blame ffk make Alla felt more quilty *Cross my heart*
But seriously Alla feel that need to keep sista accompany
Despite how bitchy she is (yea she dun read this blog),  apparently she's not happy recently
So, Alla'll be her listening ear anytime. so nice hor!

Have a saying ''God is kind to nice ppl'' , 人善天不欺
Stepping into the Restaurant Alla got surprised!
Bumped into a waiter who is a old friend of Alla!
It's just so happy to see him again, we used to work tog in Sri Petaling Overseas Restaurant,
6yrs later i see him again while we both working in Singa Land. Fated lol!
We've been lost in contact, and w/o thinking twice Alla called him anyhow, the wrong name wtf
My gf tot Alla just wanted to strike a conversation this handsome guy =.="
Luckily, he rmb me afterall and Alla rmb his name too, the right one!
So glad finally proven that Alla wasnt yaya papaya lol.
And there's the graceful dinner start!
We make a name for it to sounds more attracting haha. Which is true, very tasty soup, cook with Chinese herbs yam bean + barley + pork ribs for hours.

 Roast pork and char siew are big hit!

Cucumber and fried toufu 

 Claypot spice marbled pork
 And a free fruit plate as sweet ending <3
Thks to my old fren haha

Back to the biz talk, concluded to run ice cream shop
They were kidding to offer Alla the ice cream salesgirl position,
just so they can keep an eye on another salesgirl who suspected will eat up all before it sold haha!
No matter what, best wishes for them ladies

Lil babe Rachel is so nice that day, unusual ~

 Enjoy reading!

Apr 3, 2012



阿拉经常一个人坐飞机, 也想一个人去欧美 (不是因为西方国家, 是它远得来语言又通),

在治安好的地方, 身边的路人下一分钟可以变成阿拉的朋友 可能是阿拉看起来没什么杀伤力吧  哈哈

就是啊很多事情一个人也自在, 但你问阿拉最怕什么, 除了战争就怕孤独,

偶尔一班亲友, 偶尔三两小聚, 必需的。

如果全世界都死光光剩下阿拉一个人, 阿拉可能会自杀吧 哈哈

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Apr 2, 2012

So Lame DIY Milk Tea Post

Caution: This post going to be lame.

One lame thing Alla do whenever travel to China or Taiwan,
Never missed the chances to buy this lil thing.
Alla yam it all time =)

1. Buy a packet of Xiang Piao Piao Milktea for less than S$1.30

 2. Take out the contents in the packet which incl a pack of milktea powder, a cup of creamer
and a straw.

 3. Pour the powder and creamer into the paper cup that come with the packet.
 4. Mix and blend with hot water. Add some cold water to serve.
5. You can add some ice lah to make it ice milktea.

p/s: Friendly advice, do not use straw for the hot drinks.
And erm...dont buy the one with pearls inside, that taste abit cacat.
But no harm to try lah, as usually we dont 'cook' the pearls ourselves mah.

 Simple and rough enough.
Oddly, it taste good in cold weather.
So, have fun DIY while travelling  ;)


Mar 30, 2012

Travel Map

Playing with the apps, pinned the cities that i've been visited is kind of good memory organisation, inspiring one.
As my travel map illustrated, Alla swinging within one corner, Asia Pacific.
Hence it derives the the idea of "stepping out the frame"
So much more to explore out thr, Moscow, Cape Town, Honolulu, or my dream place Santorini?
Have to state that Alla still loves Asia loves Asia places, people, food and everything. 

Instead of thinking where shud Alla pay visit next,
Alla wanna do more cuz at my age shud act crazier wtf. 
So blindfold and spin the globes, point and there it is! 
What if Alla point at a place that unable to reach (no flight or etc)? Hmm shouldnt care so much at this moment, Alla gona try this out at the girls gathering this wkend, may b we can't do this now, as everyone has burden like study, work, money and stuff, but it's okay. No harm set a target right? Cheers!
U may want to create your own travel map or travel blog.


Mar 20, 2012

NATAS Fair 2012

One big thing of the month --NATAS, Singapore largest travel fair
over 1000 booths exhibiting different destinations. (cant bliv that when i read the news @,@ )

Since  Alla went to study and stuff, therefore left Super Travels  2yrs ago,
some of excolleagues actually set up their own travel agency,
such as EU Holidays, M ASIA Travel, CS Travel etc...
Im very glad that all of them doing good and take a share in this market,
berry proud of them d(@,@)b

Ofcuz expansion in biz leave them severely short handed lah,
the boses was asking for help everytime esp before NATAS,
and Alla missed it everytime due to schedule conflicts, as 
Alla have to take care of my full time job.
Finally! very grateful that Alla able to make it this time!! to help out the old friends.
Finally. mou tok sau zang. Happy ;) 

so excited met many old frens ard frm local and oversea in this event,
and also got to do sales in NATAS *salesperson addiction* wtf 

Not as much visitors as last time, but nvm, stil having more transaction closed.

So this time i stand for M-ASIA Travel
A travel agency that provides long haul travel packages. Good price and good services .
Go check out their page!  "Click the image access to their fb page"

A view from our booth
Korea is my specialist so yeah they have set their booth near alla hehee

     We're ready to go! Travel with us!

The taiwan local tour guide even fly here to help out
very glad to meet him, His nameKuma, means lil bear 
Cant stop laughing it, can i call you big bear? Cuz he is tall! 

Alla with long time no see Suat Wen and Stella, both very nice lady

Oh we actually have "competition" between boys team and girls team,
we was fighting for the sales LOLL
And you guess which team won the game?  
The ladies!
Credited to those ladies wearing short skirt with black stockings means sexy attract customers
Yay Victoria!

Just gotten a cal frm the boss. Am going to celebrate for hitting the sales target tonight ;-)
Ofcuz the guys is going, too!
The smiling boss (in pink) announces for good news and top sales in the meeting.
His speech attained our joyous clapping and end the day perfectly, very much.


Since SW back frm New Zealand,
Before she went back M'sia again we want to have dinner with her.
We decided to gather at this Ssikkek Koeran BBQ Restaurant near Outram Park

My all time favourite Korean BBQ Restaurant named Arirang, near Bugis,
Naow seems like Alla have other choice,
this Ssikkek Restaurant is really seriously 100% authentic and finger licking delicious!
Since Arirang always full house,
u must try this! as it's a piece advice frm Korea pro tour leader lol 

Apparently it's berry delicious lor
Till the eaters never even want to turn over to take pics!

That's a heart warming night with them not so lovely and dying to eat ex-colleagues
It's a gathering that Alla missing ;)