Dec 29, 2010

X'mas P in the House 3- Peps article

As everybody known, I'm giving up the job with opportunity of travel ard the world. Here adapting myself into a sweet nice new environment. The internationally environment, starts scrolling here...=) The ways they pose tell how successful they are Xp Represent by Haibo(Southern China), Rachel(Northern China), Nadz(S'pore), Win(M'sia) Here are the four pretty tehee...shud say three pretty vs 1 octopus =.=" Jenny(S"pore), Joy(Thailand), Jasmine(M'sia), Octopus(deep sea) Office incivility ahaha...
I hav no idea...

Sry i shudnt brg ma kids to work place

Nadz:" Oh eping wear deep V, WITHOUT TIUP!!"
Then the ladies hands come,

I: " nid to cover boz nth to cover"
They: "..."

*Shy Shy*

Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year!!
Tks to u all u make my everyday sparking blinking<3

& another key person too> MsLim
cuz she is not in pics
This X'mas is warm cuz i did say the words "Thanks" which use to be kept in some part of ma heart.
So when do you?

Dec 28, 2010

Xmas P in the House Part 2

Woolala Party in the house!!
Opps shud say in the office

Little X'mas tree, can c the top decoration?
It's from a X'mas cake, idea by me... xP

Uhmm...I shud get it home

Mary & Hiroshi
Orange team

Ain't it looks like pub?
Musics, Band, Dancing sexy lady, Wine, Spotlight(projector ahax)...

Owh our office is multifunction man!! Cool ryte?!

C Mary(in orange) holds sasa sticks sumore...

Hawaiinya~ She shud wear a hula dress

Mabuk sudah~
Dancing cha cha thr...seriously aha...xP

The food damn nice siah~
God damn it stil left a lots of them. Sayang siah~

Tata Santa Claus...

C u next year!!

Dec 26, 2010

Girl Like Me


Dec 23, 2010

X'mas P in the house

A great morning with colleagues,
& the cutie Santa Claus, tks Property Guru,
warm harmony with X'mas songs.
Owh ma boss opening his 1999,
I must go n grab some...Xp

Dec 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

HOHOHO~ MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Oh yea X'mas is coming up n it means the time to spend n leave all the bad things behind while stepping fward to a FRESH NEW YEAR!!

& ofcourse series of crazy celebration party, show, D&D whatever non-stop everywhr...

Toys and chocs starting to accumulate at the corner in the office.
Bliv sumore is coming in, LOL~xP
December is a never hungry/ stomach happy month.

To accept all the goodies during X'mas season is nature muahahaha...
So yea...its so sweet when you get sumth and so, u'gona to be sweet to ppl too...

Here are the present to giveaway...
Wrapping part is always ma job. Im proffesssional and enjoy gift wrapping every year.

But not this year...C, ma sista keept this sitting position whole night and i just wrap until middle of night.

Quite a lots of the gift brought by myself need not wrapping...Gee!! =)

The wine for office mystery gift exchange...Can i draw back ma wine? @.@

I try not to do X'mas countdown outside coz its too crowded i cnt even walk on t street.

Guess i will get struggle for breath, faint on the street and ppl step on me... owh no no no~(Hysterically screaming)

X'mas is lovely I'll take this opportunity to tks sb & enjoy wif ma buddies <3<3<3