Dec 29, 2010

X'mas P in the House 3- Peps article

As everybody known, I'm giving up the job with opportunity of travel ard the world. Here adapting myself into a sweet nice new environment. The internationally environment, starts scrolling here...=) The ways they pose tell how successful they are Xp Represent by Haibo(Southern China), Rachel(Northern China), Nadz(S'pore), Win(M'sia) Here are the four pretty tehee...shud say three pretty vs 1 octopus =.=" Jenny(S"pore), Joy(Thailand), Jasmine(M'sia), Octopus(deep sea) Office incivility ahaha...
I hav no idea...

Sry i shudnt brg ma kids to work place

Nadz:" Oh eping wear deep V, WITHOUT TIUP!!"
Then the ladies hands come,

I: " nid to cover boz nth to cover"
They: "..."

*Shy Shy*

Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year!!
Tks to u all u make my everyday sparking blinking<3

& another key person too> MsLim
cuz she is not in pics
This X'mas is warm cuz i did say the words "Thanks" which use to be kept in some part of ma heart.
So when do you?

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