Jul 31, 2009

This is Hong Kong光酥饼
Have supper with beloved Corey

白的恋人choc from Hokkaido
damn nice...!! Tks to Dylan!! =D

All my day just eat and sleep
i dun even dare to measure my weight
it's time to excercise
went Mout Faber jogging this morning


off day went bugis shopping with Corey
although try not to spend much
tot of meet up wif mt but she is too bz
uhmm...these days getting insomnia
i need a good sleep 
uhmm...drinking alcohol now to make me slp well
yea...i'm talking nonsense
its effective....zzZ~

ohya, got to mention tat i have got my luggage back n thx for every one's caring n help
[blur queen]