Oct 9, 2011

Summer Hokkaido Part I

Paise neh ET sang and friends, for e late update, 
as Alla hav to open e Ikea storage box, tip all the things out,
*Sneeze*Excuse me, it's dusty.
and find out e N months ago Hokkaido itinerary details...
Cuz Alla cant recall
 what attractions she went and for which day, short memory
It's also a reason why Alla been blogging all these old times stories 
Cuz Alla wana dig into e past and mark it down, it means so much. *Sneeze*
So here goes 

7July 4:15pm: Japan welcome Alla with drizzle 
Thks to e connecting flight not so connecting, we have to stay at Narita for 1 night,
So we went AEON (Jusco in Japan) to shop, it's largest mall in Narita, real huge.
it was e 1st day in Japan so everyone was like OWH...WOO...WAH...
becuz e stuff in Japan always far cuter and pricey than u can imagen.
Alla msn ET sang but he unable to rush down as his place v far,
So ET sang we all yet to honor our word to meet u in Japan ya? 

The 1st 2 days was like very busy assisting my passengers cuz we got to transit flight
and everything in Japanese and so and so i didnt took any picture except for hotel room.

Fast fward to day 3, sunny day we're at Odori Park 大通公园, 
 a summer festival held and everywhere in Sapporo 札幌 was so crowded.
Alla and e pretty & friendly japanese lady before her street show

A street performance, Japanese kids r so lovely and behave, so cute! 

Say bye to Sapporo city.
 Hello Hakodate 涵馆市, 5 hrs driving frm Sapporo
I cant wait for the nightview on top of Mt.Hakodate for tonight!
Even bldg gone wild, so creative! すごい! 
This's e seafood market in Hakodate*Sneeze*

e inner view, selling the fresh Hokkaido crab and other seafood,
 had our lunch at 2nd floor, yummy seafood steamboat lunch.
The seafood is relatively fresher and cheaper here so we decided to have BIG CRAB BUFFET 
Due to pricey, we only taste e main 3 famous crab: 
1. Hairy Crab kegani
 2. e long leg, Snow Crab zuwaigani 
3. King Crab king-gani  lol
and some other seafood.
it cost 8500yen (sgd140) per person. OMG it's luxury treat ever to e stomach.
and it's very worth it if u got full tooth. 


It was another sunny day we had lunch at this peaceful environment restaurant
Okay it written here "market" in e pic and 2nd floor is e restaurant. Hehe
And off we head to Lake Toya.
Oh my hot spring im coming~ 楽しみにして

Zoom into Lake Toya,
Immediately hot spring dinner infront of Alla,
e dishes just like a piece of art, fine prepared with heart.

Here's an insight of Japanese tatami style hot spring hotel room
As a tour leader, Alla demo+ing "how to use tatami" at a group member's room
for e 1st night tatami experience.
Yes we got to pull the tatami & blanket out frm closet and do it ourselves.

Darang, it's e outcome.

Izakaya 居酒屋 at e basement of e hotel, there also have this game station at behind.
I met 2 KL tourists at e game station, 
they r in yukata and plying the shooting game with fake giant machine gun 
one of e KL guy getting over excited and put one leg on the game device 
then another shout at him " Wey zao guong la!" 
I laughed, they LMAO.
HAHAHAHAHA~ they tot i dunno cantonese, cant help of it hahah~

So it was like dine>watch firework>hot spring>drink sake/game>slp in

How wonderful it is!

More wonderful to be reveal! *Sneeze*