Oct 16, 2009

Babe Rachel

Another sleepless nite
si beh sianz...=.="
will try some traditional insomnia medicine later
going to China 2moro
I cant await for the HuangGuoShu water fall...><
wait for my photo upload guys...!!
i duno why automatic underline my words,
but anyway
another excited things to tell
although it had been drag out for a month dy
I'm so excited to b a aunty!!
The new born babe
My lil nephew Rachel
Had full moon dy hohoho
Still rmb tat day Rachel give birth
all of us went to Elizaberth Hospital
wait for whole day long ...

born to be a star XD

A hao is a professional photograher

Babe Rachel so nice to have u...XD

Pretty Rachel

Mum oso cum over to take k of my sista,
tat day i ask mum to massage my leg,
bit then...
c...she sit on my leg til so syok =.="

=The End=