Dec 28, 2010

Xmas P in the House Part 2

Woolala Party in the house!!
Opps shud say in the office

Little X'mas tree, can c the top decoration?
It's from a X'mas cake, idea by me... xP

Uhmm...I shud get it home

Mary & Hiroshi
Orange team

Ain't it looks like pub?
Musics, Band, Dancing sexy lady, Wine, Spotlight(projector ahax)...

Owh our office is multifunction man!! Cool ryte?!

C Mary(in orange) holds sasa sticks sumore...

Hawaiinya~ She shud wear a hula dress

Mabuk sudah~
Dancing cha cha thr...seriously aha...xP

The food damn nice siah~
God damn it stil left a lots of them. Sayang siah~

Tata Santa Claus...

C u next year!!

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