Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year

2011 comes with blink of an eye,
Had an unforgetable bubbles dance cd party in Clarke Quay with unforgetable buddies
 like KOK, MOTO, PANCAKE, ZF...badly Ms.Pig not here.
I can’t wait to go back ma KL home swt home. 
  CNY comes faster pls!!   

This morn when checking mail, Mr.OXX amazed me wif these group of photo

 Ma name taken place of half a wishing ball, it's floating into Singapore's River of Hope--Marina Bay now. Guess OXX perpared it earlier & wait until such special day to show it to me? The 1st of 2011. Hah... Anyway, buddies touched my heart easily...

I really cant wait to go home!! again ahaz... Thanks ma fren!!
For doing tis =)
Damn it drived ma tears out. LOL


Looking backward a bit, 2010 was enriched, with all i wanted!!
1. Started to feed family
2. Quited travel industry whr changed ma life
3. Started college life
4. Joined a famous property company--my dream one 
5. Spent more great time with buddies, ex-colleagues really meant alots to me
6. Started online biz

The wish listing for 2011 had ady in ma heart,
i wana write myself a letter and send to one year later me.
Good idea huh? yea i think so Xp
Tell u a secret, thng come true when u believe it!! Shh...don't tel others kay...promise @.@
Nite peps!!

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