Feb 23, 2011

On M.C.

More n more people say that we look alike, do we?
Alla hav no idea which part of her face look like alla duh...But she is cute, ma lil evil nephew
She only hugs alla or kisses alla when she want ma food

Anyway alla had live last Sunday to e fullest haha..in Southern-Singapore
In e morn, went to Sentosa with Baby Racheal and sista,
 At noon, went to Watami Restaurant@ Clarle Quay,
it's the 1st time went to CQ at noon,
but blive it anot ma frens who lunch with alla said dey nvr even been to QC for years while they're work'n and stay'n in S'pore for more than 3yrs, what a joke, ashame LOL.
At nite, we went to Chinatown by walking, we walked thr fr CQ man
Hav good dining time wit ex-colleagues at nite.
Althou ma leg cacat
The view is nice

And the staff is nice rarely found such great customer svc in S'pore
Big claps for them

fyi, this is a Japanese Restaurant named WATAMI at The Central Mall
v spent SGD69 for 3 of us and this price is even comparable with Sakae Sushi
they doing good biz whic h ithink and expanding in everywhr now even available at Bishan Junction 8
Who dun love choclate??

Alla love chocs since alla was young, so young
Open the fridge and look for choc and HL milk eviday eviday when  alla come back fr skul
That's ma daily sign action when alla was young. Alla even named maself Coolchoz when registered anything online. Then i realised ma bro named Coollemon, so we're a cool family LOL.
Just sharing with u gals,
"chocs cure menstrual pain effectively".

Have a good day


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