Feb 24, 2011

Day 1 in KL

Lots of KL frens come over S'pore this week just for Momo Joanne birthday blast
Well thinking of alla shud tel how nice can a KL fren do,
ok la alla just want to share ma story in KL during/before CNY.

Preface story:
Alla booked rtn airaisa tix to KL for SGD47.
It's departure 7.40a.m. so i got to chk-in by 6.40a.m.
Guess i had hangover the last night company D&D sao gong zao
Alla nvr awared of alarm rang until 7a.m.
Without washing the cat-like face, i grab a cab and off speeding over to airport
gona tks to the cab driver he speeding for me unfortunately sent me to the wrg terminal LMAO
Ran to chk-in counter, reach T3 @7.40a.m and so i missed the flight ofcuz
The customer svc officer suckss
she told me they hell charging alla another SGD230++ for the next flg impolitely plus shaking her legs
End up yes la alla top up for next flight departure @8.55a.m. just bcuz im too upset to move to city again n take bus home. 
The hell most exp air-ticket alla brought frm the most obnoxious counter staff ever. She is approriate to funeral industry or serve blind man cuz they dont mind to bear her deadful face.

Besides that, everythings abt airasia is good.

Main story, in e Morning:
Once touched down LCCT and saw Baby Xiyi came to pick alla, all bad feeling gone
Her auntie get shocked cuz Xiyi unusually wake up much earlier and it's bcuz of alla.
Ohh love u much mua.
Then we went to have Kajang famous satay, it's still taste the same oh alla likey,
While eating, Xiyi told alla the story of the boss on wheelchair, who used to b a ballet coach.
She (the boss) is kind of special person, feel free to go thr (wil update e add soon) for satay and visit her,
She definately will giv u more satay sauces, their sign.

While waiting for satay shop to open, we went to a famous kopitiam in Kajang.
Their sign is, rich kopi and mad tauke (boss). He is a real mad Hainanese, same as alla.

Cutie Xiyi, she went Aussie aft this,
 i'll definately miss her badly:

Aft that we went to Midvalley, The Gardens, things thr like nvr change huh
Padini and Vincci stil having endless big sales, just more lanterns for CNY, boring.
Y dont get some muscle guys with wearing just panty thr so peps wil buy even no sales going.

Main story, in e Night:

Fun chattime wit Chong Hwa roomates at The Gardens, PengLai Restaurant 蓬莱阁台湾菜
It's opposite to flying chilies, the dishes is so so but taste originally tw style.

Fried rice, Oyster mee shua 大肠粥 卤肉饭 地瓜球

Aft that we went to Zouk and chilled again. Hah
We saw an old fren working in Zouk and we've got FOC pineapple rum YAY.

That's so good to stay with who you love.
We called it a day.
Good night alla going to meet those KL frens again.

forget bout assignment tonite

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