Feb 25, 2011

KL の day ♥

Okay come to the most important thing in my wish list for 2011--Beijing Trip treat for parents
Within few days i touched down KL, made inquiry calls  for quite some travel agencies, compare them then went down personally to asked for detail & booking. Alla did it, alla did treat papa&mama travel, and it was done even b4 CNY. --Alla is effing efficient ohyea. *Clap clap*
So now alla is happie n broke

Jln Impi gathered quite alots travel agencies n some of them r trustable frm wat i know.
Such as Chan Brothers, AD Travels, Sunrise Tours etc.    
So thr's advisable if u oso look'n for tour packages. Fyi, MATA fair is helding on mid MARCH.

Mama brought this frm next door 我来也 Also this is a must eat every CNY la
Btw, it taste differently frm last time. Hmm..may b the uncle who bbq the bak gua last time retired ady.

The famous of Jln Imbi, not only tong sui--记得吃, but this♥
Ngau ho--大树头牛河, its a stalls beside the big three that next to e car park.
evibd know this, if you duno, must go n try out bcuz it's super duper yummy until plate licking good.

This ma gor,okay he forced me to eat this b4 we go as he said MUSTEAT.
Taste excellent he didnt cheat, but it caused alla belate for e gathering at jln ipoh.

Chilled wit ma sisters, and ofcuz KOK Terence MrGoat Dailo
@Uma Rani, Jln Ipoh Batu 3.5
It's mamak stall like Steven Corner
they offer lots of choices include pulut mayam & ice-cream goreng 

Aft this, we went to librabry@ The Curve to chill again. Sisters hav endless topic to chat hah.

I also had dinner another night with MengHoi Oxx them
At this restaurant named lou goung, not hubby is old harbour kay
We waited food to serve for an hr til we fed up and actually complaint to e staff
n we found out they forgot our order. Zadou to e max =.="
 However, sumth attracted our eye....

 Woooaah...sport car team parking infornt of this restaurant

Cool~ wish i could hav one
Then Alla wil fetch ma fren and speeding by the beach...Ohooohhoo cant help of it.