Apr 2, 2012

So Lame DIY Milk Tea Post

Caution: This post going to be lame.

One lame thing Alla do whenever travel to China or Taiwan,
Never missed the chances to buy this lil thing.
Alla yam it all time =)

1. Buy a packet of Xiang Piao Piao Milktea for less than S$1.30

 2. Take out the contents in the packet which incl a pack of milktea powder, a cup of creamer
and a straw.

 3. Pour the powder and creamer into the paper cup that come with the packet.
 4. Mix and blend with hot water. Add some cold water to serve.
5. You can add some ice lah to make it ice milktea.

p/s: Friendly advice, do not use straw for the hot drinks.
And erm...dont buy the one with pearls inside, that taste abit cacat.
But no harm to try lah, as usually we dont 'cook' the pearls ourselves mah.

 Simple and rough enough.
Oddly, it taste good in cold weather.
So, have fun DIY while travelling  ;)



Anonymous said...

omg that is so cool! i have never seen it before! i'll look out for it when i go back to china this summer!

ArPeng said...

Yeah! must try for milktea lover! =)