Mar 30, 2012

Travel Map

Playing with the apps, pinned the cities that i've been visited is kind of good memory organisation, inspiring one.
As my travel map illustrated, Alla swinging within one corner, Asia Pacific.
Hence it derives the the idea of "stepping out the frame"
So much more to explore out thr, Moscow, Cape Town, Honolulu, or my dream place Santorini?
Have to state that Alla still loves Asia loves Asia places, people, food and everything. 

Instead of thinking where shud Alla pay visit next,
Alla wanna do more cuz at my age shud act crazier wtf. 
So blindfold and spin the globes, point and there it is! 
What if Alla point at a place that unable to reach (no flight or etc)? Hmm shouldnt care so much at this moment, Alla gona try this out at the girls gathering this wkend, may b we can't do this now, as everyone has burden like study, work, money and stuff, but it's okay. No harm set a target right? Cheers!
U may want to create your own travel map or travel blog.


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