May 17, 2009

Hotie Sunday

Its' a freaking hot Sunday
not suit to hang outside
not even jogging in the morning
tot of buy myself a pair of sport shoe n swim suit b4 i back KL
oh damn it weather just destroy my day T.T
hate this sweating like shit even in midnite
the newer published science textbk should have revised to "global burning"
may b one day ppl beh tahan
leave the city n go stay into jungle...
due for the phenomena of the society in this century,
guys being feminine n ladies being masculine
(y staring at me? im talking bout general phenomena okay)
even the male model wore skirts in fashion show nowaday
toh balik is the new phenomenon
so, hypothesis: i'm doubting if human going 2 live in jungle in the future
at e first place, ppl like to live at alpine,
the estate in highland bcum valuable
so i inference that ppl going to move into jungle in the future
jungle is cleaner n peaceful which ppl likely more into ryte
hey uncle n aunty!!  pls stop 2 send ur son n daughter to tuition class
but send dem to jungle to learn how to survive
if u agree to Ar Peng's prediction
yea...cant get into slp at nite so boring
forgive me~
i just called home and found out that
thr's some probs happen again in my family
i always know that i cant do much with this issue
one hand cannot clap ryte?
It's about mutual understanding
very upset hor
its a thorn in my heart.
And then i saw CL on msn
he encourage me when i'm upset each single time
from a single normal word he can tel i'm no good and need to talk
he is the most caring person in the world
nvr failed to cheer me up
thx CL u r my savior~ <3 hahaha
In the past working experience,
i had learn many things from my China boss and colleagues,
thier brain working speed is like 1000km/hour,
Sometimes to please ppl or sweettalk the customer,
lots of skills to learn and u must know what cannot say,
i'm a straight forward person so sometimes
i'm struggling from those "biz survive rules"
til my dad point me the way out
b true, n ppl will then come back to you.
OMG did i just forgot that this is the easiest way out?
working life is totally different compare with skul life
feel grateful for every single scene turns up in my life


qi qi@n said...

i truly admire u can go everywhere ...
u can learn a lot experience ..
in your age .. is good for u ..
although u miss your family n your frens..

maybe from now onwards ..
i still not clear who is valueble to love ...

family ? right ?

JohnCoeinne said...

gambateh.. be true wif ur heart..

Sityee said...

add oillllll!!!!!=)