May 10, 2009

Sigh sigh sighhhh...
gona postpone my home sweet home plan,
 yesterday my boss called me,
said that he consider to open a branch in KL,
n asked for my help to do him a small favour,
well...i'd like to help as payback cuz he has provided me many opportunity in e past,
so...delay my go home date to 20th May,
even just 10days postpone i still feeling so unwaitful,
not in home when mother's day,
phailed daughter...

Today is my off day,
finally i can rest at home ,
at this moment,
thinking bout my dream,
my bakery dream stil need many money to start off,
if i wana do it at 22years old,
i hav to work very very hard yes i know,
but when ppl working hard to earn $$,
somehow...ppl will 4get their original target,
and then feel tire and unsupported,
we right ryte must go thru all these,
money the root of evil actually~
the more you want it, the more things you gotto lost. 
money the root of evil!! >,<


傻傻的我... said...

nvm lar...20th may cum back..
tat time we all almost finish our mid-year exam..
like tis we can go out play mar...hehe^_^

ET said...

lol u seems grow up alot le.. just my feel lar. u are not kids jorXD keep it up