Apr 28, 2009

Korea+ Shanghai

Travel ard make me realized that i'm so tiny...
 Korea curreny, korean won is so small in terms of value

korean police...cool~


A crazy girl show up in Teddy bear museum


Teddy bear Monalisa hah XD

南怡岛 呼哇 超爱<3
“冬季恋歌" 拍摄地

Wonderful Sunset In Nami Island

 Korea goverment strongly support recycle and green program

Think of May Teng^^

Sunset Sakura


出卖我客人的照片 哈!



80度的过山车 坐得我颈都歪了 喉咙喊破




 Waitress in Everland park

鸡蛋糕 好想带回去啊啊啊啊啊
我旅行箱  没有位了


韩国炒年糕 极品!


我国人的努力Jimmy Choo在韩国的店

Wear like winter

冰糖葫芦 其实难吃

上海小笼包 赞!

It's a very tiring work experience

can u imagen i work for 24hours in these 10 days?
even midnite stil got customer called to my room,
recall that time before departure
quite stress and much worriness

plus i nvr took flight before

i question myself
can a lil gal lead such big group to transit flight 4 timess,
in this 10days trip,
i took flight for 5 times,
1st: from S'pore to Shanghai
2nd: from Shanghai to Jeju Island
3rd: from Jeju island to Seoul
4th: from Seoul to Shanghai
5th: from Shanghai to Singapore
fly til syiok...=.="
But there is also a good side, i got a chance to experience business class,
thx to my tour guide arrange all of this for my very 1st woking trip hah XD

Hm, working in strange place ler,

facing so many probs and uncertainty,
my group got 32 pax,

most of them are senior citizen,
plus a pregnant lady was in my group.
i treat them with much patient,
i dont even pay that much patient to my mum...

my pax had train me much. =.="

in this trip,
i felt lonely,
especially when im in Nami Island,
It's a very beautiful Island on Spring with sakura everywhere.
the korea drama Winter Sonata "冬季恋歌" is shoot here.
i'm so lucky i was thr at the right time,

I enjoy viewing sunset in the sakura bloom.
Perfectly a good time except for absent of frens' companion
At that point of time, my excitement has no way out.

walk toward the lake,
OMG...i'm totally impressed by the sunset scene,
duno how to describe, so grateful.

btw, korean is nice and friendly,
i tried to talk to one local kid but he duno english n i duno korean language
before i left, i write a frens'name on the tree.
i would like to go wit u all next time,
n show u ur name tat i written on Nami Island.

pls forgive my emoness i really miss CH.
hey who r in the skul,

appreciate ur skul life i konw exam is tough.

in this trip,

i made frens in korea & shanghai,
i easily get cold person,
That was a raining day in Korea,
if im not wrong there's just 4~8'c outside,

damn cold n i hav to leave my travel bus (inside got heater) to find missing 4 pax,
as they din come back on time.

Me and tour guide searching through the streets & underpass.
till my hand numb cant feel anything,

Im' frost wtf.
finally tour guide found them,
when we got back to the travel coach,

i show master (driver) i breathe the smoky air out from mouth cuz it's too cold,

master rub my left hand to warm me up,
he said:" bla bla bla akashi" (korean language)
i knew akashi means miss (lady)
On the spot tour guide translate for me "poor girl"

then i give him another hand to rub hahaha~

I can feel the caring they are so lovely.
n they always bought me nice food in korea

as they said that i'm too thin hav to eat more...
when in Shanghai,

the guide oso generously carry me upas he said i'm new
many ting to learn,

my shanghai guide very nice and humour person,

So it lighten my woriness under good mentoring

most important thing is
we perform good coorperation in Shanghai and that make us money LOL...

tour guide in shanghai and korea oso told me tat sg pax not easy to serve,
and that they like malaysian pax better...

Ok i ego dont mind me LOL
again i miss my fellowship.

holy holy tiring to please a low quality customer

i didnt off for 2 weeks

thinking of go home tis week to suprise my dad coz 1st of may is his bufday.

Happy Bufday Daddy!! i love you!!



qi qi@n said...

如果你想念中华...回来看一下吧 =)

2个月不见了....miss u so much

love-bluepico said...

哇 ~

好幸福 。 XD

虽然是工作拉 ^^

ET said...

really nice... u are very very very lucky.. a great experience.. all da best for u lo!!
miss u so much

tiffany0701 said...

Although is tough & hard for you.
But u should be glad coz u can go shanghai n korean for free^^admire u= )
u r nt alone..still got us..miss u always..
remember our date^^take care ya dear~

傻傻的我... said...



FaNN said...

wah so sad la this post haha ><

read dao wan cry ad TT

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