Mar 24, 2009

I Become Tour Leader

M'sia trip have so much fun!
okay will go back again this month.!!
 how i wish....
and here's so so happy thing to blog
my Korea + Shanghai tour which departure on 9th Apr has alr confirmed!!!
got a chance to work cool!!  <3
lavender, tulib, BBQ, steambot, hot spring etc etc... luxury itinerary waiting me thr!!
Sigh this may make me miss the chance to start skul this year,
but then nvm lah,
travel ard the world shud L"earn" more.
n i really extremely wish to go Korea!!
oh my dream honey moon country <3
Hah!! i wil share more wit u all when i come bek kay...XD
btw, i'm going to The Face Shop Factory,
 anyone wanna buy mask??
...^ ^...
 somehow i feel lil bit unwilling to lead a group of singaporean,
since i working in customer service line here in Singa Land,
I've seen tons of complaint case,
as we know Singaporean like to complaint lah,
am not trying to bring them down,
It's just that they will frequently "feedback" regarding small issue,
and that my boss greatly concerns abt complaints
1. Negative feedback has broad and permanent exposure when customer post online or go to newspaper, it's biz killer.
2. My boss will take it as another chance to exploit the staffs,
it's staff's benefit killer.
Some sort of feedback benefit a biz future in a way,
But badly, most of e negative feedback i've seen is due to greedy,
It's an excuse to ask for compensation.
Overall S'porean are keen to learn and helpful
Such as my colleage they all nice guy.
ARH...god bless me!!
not to brg back any complaint plssss~
yy gave me a piece of warm advice
that is: "Tel urself that u choose to accept challenge but not being force"

and true we've the choice
we should have to be positive. So, challenge accepted!




Sooo good neh...
Hav fun yah...

qi qi@n said...

gal .. miss u eh ..
how's ya ?
c the comment reply me =)

tiffany0701 said...

yoyo~so syok..go korean!!
all the best ya..take care!

kwEi said...

hey , so hapi leh u can go other country XD
sure can knoe more fashion and geografi ^^
then how about ur study ? when u intake , anyway , good luck lo ^^ ~~

ps. remember to look after our baby ah ><

piggying said...

wei wei
hapi tat u still rmb wat i said
all gambateh ya^^