Jun 1, 2012

YES Person

Run out of time for no good reason or no reason?
Busy yet agenda nvr finished?
Kinda stress out ryte we from the hell of city.

idk not manage time well or say spend time on wrong things.
Like cannot missed anything in life always YES to every invite and task.
Without conscious or we thought we used to it until PARADIGM SHIFT!!
Mine was trigger by a row of awakends from nightmare in the midnight.
Alla may not be a workholic but somehow the rushing hour lifestyle big spoiler.
Everyone wish they have 48 hours in a day!

Until Alla found the missing pieces in my puzzle in the National Congress 2012.
So i think Time=Money, hence No Time=No Money, so [Busy=Broke]
What say u? To me it makes sense actually.
We are all smart yet able to grow smarter, so no more running rats yea

It was so crowded in the congress about 3k participants. This is mind opener, will blog abt it soon!!