May 20, 2012

Fast Pace Lifestyle

Time flies!! It's May now, oh wait a minute! Alla still has a long to-do-list for the year, ahh...Alla must manage time wisely to compete it! Well atleast a few main tasks have already crossed off frm bucket list, such as KL new house.
Thks for the help of family, so glad that it happened this fast on March, moving into the new hse soon a few months later once we settle down all the housing legal probs cuz the developer disappeared before they issued legal strata title,
so...althou we have paid for it but doesn't mean that we own the property, and then have to go thru lawyer and govt, we all know what will happened when M'sia govt involved, yes longer processing time, not to mention the tedious process we have to go thru. 
HOWEVER, Alla think that Alla is the lucky one, we family like the new house very much, not very big but well renovated, good location and better environment, most importantly the desperate seller willing to let go at good price. I'm sure we will love the new house.

While everyday busy for nothing, trying to do something for myself, like the night before, Alla was so annoyed by the office atmosphere hence a fren bought Alla to Changi Beach at east coast, we were just beside the airport runway, flights landing over Alla's head, the soothing sea sounds and engines noise eased anxious. The flying overhead are quite close, took a pic but all dark thou. Well it should look like this...
What a luxury peaceful moment in city. Just that Alla nvr wave hand to the plane like

Besides that, enjoy foods also the best way out from everyday tiring work =)
Went to try out this newly open Japanese Curry in Somerset.Choose ur spicy level, rice portion, add cheese or kimchi etc, very customizable, fun ordering.
It's quite different from my previous japanese curry experience, worth trying.

Coco Ichibanya Curry House

313 Somerset Mall, #B3-25
Tel: (+65)6636 7280

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