Mar 14, 2012

Twice the Knowledge, Double your Edge!

Very often when we are choosing from so many different degree options in a university, we all hope that we can take up more than one option.

If you have this opportunity to choose between the lists of double major degree programmes that Kaplan offers, how best would you use this skill to advance your life’s goals?

Since Alla coming to Singapore to pursue my education, many of my friends made queries on how to choose a school in Singapore. Questions like, “if the school is approved by the Singapore Government?”, “or which school's cert is useful (in career pathway)?” So Alla write a blog post to advise.

I’ve just completed a part time diploma course at Kaplan Higher Education Institute. And I’m considering to further my education with Kaplan again. Especially when Alla saw this Murdoch at Kaplan programmes, it’s now allows a wider range of choices to study more than one discipline, with their extensive double major degree programmes.

Hence you can “Twice the Knowledge and Double your Edge”! Yes how cool! Alla know. If Kaplan is not the coolest choice in my mind, then I wouldn't have choose them in the first place. And Alla realized it was worth it. So, good thing should be shared.

Singapore - Kaplan's Asia Pacific Base
Kaplan Singapore is part of one of the world's largest education companies, Kaplan, Inc., a US$2.9b business owned by The Washington Post Company.  Kaplan provides educational and career services for individuals, schools and businesses, catering to more than 1 million students annually from approximately 500 locations around the world

Benchmarked against global best practices and standards, Kaplan Singapore works closely with University and training partners to provide a range of high-quality, internationally recognised qualifications with a rigorous set of standard operating procedures to ensure quality service.

Alla enjoyed the way Kaplan delivers knowledge with study materials that is regularly control by the management. They keep the lecturing and learning process standardized and effective. We have fun in the classes while the lecturers share their knowledge and experience from overseas. Yes, the lecturers are like ‘super eye-openers’, always giving us useful and frontline advices in both education and the industry. This probably is because of the good control of quality. Such as lecturer’s performance appraisal.

Despite the golden location of the 2 city campuses, near Somerset and Dhoby Ghaut MRT that convenient you from work to school or home to school or even from shopping to school! The little downside of Singapore Kaplan is that, the restaurants nearby are a little expensive, and you have got to walk 10mins further to get cheap food.

All and all, there is not only 1 answer to the best choice, because everyone has different needs, whichever fit your needs better that are the best choice for you. People like me are looking for a reliable school with prominent system to upgrade myself in inadequate time in order to efficiently approach opportunities, choose Kaplan.

Now you can advance your life goals with Murdoch’s Double Major Degree and Masters programmes offered at Kaplan Higher Education on a full time and part time basis.

Click the link to check out the double major degree programmes that Kaplan offers:

Tel: (+65) 6733 1877


Enjoy their creative flash mob!

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