Feb 17, 2012

Company Annual D&D 2011

After DingDongDiang for a few venues
Management eventually decided MARINA BAY SANDS 
for our company annual D&D

 MBS is a well-known top luxury hotel in the town
that bring you best creature comforts and cost you a bomb
to show da great appreciation to we staff & agents' hardwork in the past 12months
So we are all in da bed of roses naow =D

MBS from near 

MBS from far

 MBS from top (Skypark)

Very delightful design roof top pool in da Skypark

Best night view of Singapore city from da Skypark 

So this is da GRAND BALLROOM
loves the delicate crystal rain chandelier

A pleasing corridor to da open air smoking area hah

                                                         View of outside from da ballroom

The prizes prep for lucky draw!
Was aimed for da first prize of cash $2888 yea!

Wynn's in gypsum cuz of the road accident, and she's okay now.

Hot chics kat reception

Everyone is so into the 70's RETRO night


D&D stand for "dinner and draw" in Singapore
That means everybody dinner tog, ladies in their 6inch-like heels,
fully doll up, photo-taking and then wait for the lucky draw. (@,@)v

No? Okay it's actually "dinner and dance",
Cuz company make money bosses happy 
When bosses happy they wanna dance
When bosses wanna dance they buy us dinner
When they buy us dinner we all happy
When we all happy we dance together (@,@)b

It's a party that let your hair down n celebrate with your bosses and colleagues
Damn great when working patners gathered and not talkin bout work!
I mean it makes work even smoother thereafter, I swear haha!

So here goes
Make up & hairdo credited to Momo Joanne

Alla and golden heart lady Nadirah

Mama Jenny and Alla

China babe Rachel

Alla, Rachel, and da drama King Haibo 

Haibo and Alla with da very young boss Ah Boon
New promoted Lady Julynn, no they ain't couple ;)

Forgot his name but all attendees'll nvr forget his face since that night
Even MC Justin pick him up to da stage to make fun with him

Nobody get to draw until everyone drink and dance
Hah that's da tricks to hold da night longer!

So finally come to Lucky draw session,
Somehow, eventually Alla giv up my chance to others and left da fancy place
for 2nd round!
Nah absolutely not there!

It's actually a bar,
Just bcuz of a call frm u dude.

So here we are at Bar No.5 @ Emerald Hill
u may click on da link to see what says about this
then perhaps u'll get some ideas abt why Alla left da party!


We ride motor there hah! So exciting and recal my childhood memory.
 Alla had so much fun that night till da next morning,
Alla has bought some closed frens there before and they like this bar all,
No.5 really a best place to chill cuz buddy can really talk there,
oh don't forget to ask for peanuts between ur drinks ;)

Seeya *xoxo*

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