Nov 11, 2011

Bao Today

There is this day Alla and friends went airport early in the morning
 to send off Ferron, a close friend in school.
He told that he's is flying off Sunday morning but,
When all friends reached out airport and he all ready to fly back Kuching,
at his turn to chk-in, guess what,
The counter staff told him that he suppose to fly off next day but not the day itself.
He opened his eye big big and shouted: "I didnt even realized i booked tmr flight" RF
Yea Alla didnt know he's so blur till then
He kinda go no where hence we decided leave everythng behind 
to accompany Ferron, how sweet of us lol
holly out-of-plan day start frm thr,
we had McDonald in Changi airport and off move butt to town to eat again wtf.
1st time sending off ppl go with 3 and back with 4 person. Superb -.-''

All the way down to southern-S'pore, dropped by Vivo City.
And we had BAO TODAY .
Since good experience for 1st try so ok lah recommend Des to taste that.
 As it's name, BAO TODAY sell "pau", chinese style bun.

yes pau 叉烧包~ 谁爱吃刚出笼的叉烧包~♪ ♫
还有那莲蓉包呀上海包呀豆沙包~~♪ ♫
Sry not born with good voice only dare to "sing" here. So must not miss e chance.

Kay back to topic, Pau!
This custard pau's filling made of salted eye yolk and ofcourse la custard syrup,
macam volcano erupting in ur mouth! Syiokkk!
okay Alla not a custard person but this one really nice.

 It's chicken pau! 马汉鸡肉包which is one of their signature.
It taste like chicken pau (-.-) and mouth watering.
Des ordered a lots more but Alla wasnt fast enough to snap pics before they nom it.

Here goes their signature dim sum menu


Overall, these custard and sesame pau are Alla's choice!

 -The End-

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