Mar 8, 2011

What's So Busy

Am quite free recently
Some peps cannot stop thinking dreaming imagining when they are free or not even  free
they think of $$$$$ even calculate e past & e future income/expenses.
Well Alla is exisisting as this kind of person so realistic hor
Alla works hard to run her clumsy mind at e slot in between e busy time.
and some of e thoughts have been praticing like this...

Alla and partners start running an online shop,
And this Banana@Taipei Designer Bags is HOTIE LAUCHING right now!!

All 10 colours are available for customer choice.

Eco-friendly material with produced at handful number only.

Original from Taiwan

It's loved at first sight and the respond is good.

After purchased this for resale, it's trends spread over the world like HK Aussie.
and the price is rising thus Alla thinks her taste is popular means good 
 it's good market dynamic as well ryte 
Alla guess she managed pretty good 1st strike. 
Having say that, we also take pride in offering the lowest price in international resale market.

Feel like ordering? well Alla just wana share ma story here,
Please don't order or make inquiry here tks.
If u likey, pls click here for more info.


Am trying so hard to practice my to-do list in 2011 as it's a lucky Lunar Year.
Owh evi year is lucky to me
"Poom!!" Arrived!!
Alla cant wait to post it to ma clients, getting excited.
It's abt achievement man!  

So ma free time being so busy, sometimes we get frustrated annoyed defeated
But it's about the going thru progress ryte?
 At least least we put in effort to practice our thoughts.

And ofcuz, Alla mind is not all abt $$$
U friends occupied ma mind sometimes =)


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