Jan 19, 2011

Tak gira pun

如果我们是朋友的话 还可以多寒暄问暖几句都不会冒昧

问陌生人借钱奇怪吧 在陌生人面前哭很奇怪吧 换成朋友却不会 
因为朋友关心帮忙是nature-- 很自然This concept had been built-in ma mind since alla was very young

Will do anything just for you frens boundenly
so long as ur heart is open
share like this
y does God created abundance of peps?
Cuz peps juz unable to live individually
and settle everythings personally without any helps.
If u did, that's not LIVE lo
Just sharing. Peace.
Going to meet suet wen tonight as she's going to NewZealand soon
Wish you good night!

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