Jun 30, 2009

Arhh another sleepless night

Now is 4:05am in Middle of the night

and i cannot get sleep

i feel like crying...T.T

FED UP... 


Can see my pimple gel and mad face!??


Missing Korea,

They having this summer festival
 kids play water gun in Everland Park.
a lots of fun...Wee~ XD



got a call from him....

Said he will come over M'sia by tomorrow...

Ishh....i don't have time to go and meet him up.

The korean guy...

Tot of no chance to meet him anymore,

but saw him again in Seoul Capital hotel the day i suppose to fly off,

In the same day, i got a business card from him.

He looks great in formal suit...

I tot most prob wont contact with him until he come over SIN

for the S'pore NATAS travel fair,

but then, unfortunately, somehow,

my luggage left behind in Seoul,

and i gona contact him and ask for his help,

now it was kept in his office.

Hmm...may b im lucky hah 


As it happens like yesterd my colleague told that his friend just married in Korea,

She work as a tour leader as well and got to know the Korean tour guide in last yr yr end,

she came back and kit with him,

and so they fall in love and get married in Jan of this year,

and now she has pregnant for 3 months already.


If you ever tink bout it,

Will you move to a strange place where have nobody understand what you talking about

where you have to learn a new language, culture everything...

and get new start there for example working cuz we need income ryte

Wil u?

do all these just because of one person???

It seems to be far for me,

friends are always the most precious in life.

btw, Shinee thx for your caring

i really feel touchfull and please do not worry about me

still a tough me!! Hehe! wink*_*

1 comment:

tiffany0701 said...

love u darling..IF u reli marry to korea hor Xd
I Will damn sad n damn bu she de u !! But if u happy on ur decision,i will feel happie too n always beside euu..muackss..take care!