Jan 30, 2009

Bufday Girl

i tot 18s birthday can finally openly
go clubbing...
but then,  v went sex shop LOL..
okay we actually "passed by" for FUN only.

I'm in S'pore and my lovely sis brought me to brewerkz riverside point at Clarke Quay.

Tks sis u e best sis in e world =D

Kok said:" Would u believe it??
I also don't blieve,
but things alwiz happen this way,
Happy 18s Bufday!! "
As it's my very 1st year working in S'pore
Hence warm birthday celebration without frens
simple but grateful in my mind
miss u my frens
no one can miss u more than me *wink*

1 comment:

qi qi@n said...

me at here say again to u ...
happy birthday wang yee ping =)
u are adult now ..